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Originally Posted by Lawnworks
The discharge side of deck is coming apart. This side of the deck does not trim... so it really does not get banged up. I think Scags are much more durable than these hustlers.
Man I don't know what kind of Hustler you have or what is going on unless you got one made on Monday and the welder was hung over but you would kill yourself trying to tear up the four I have owned. I hit a cedar stump so hard one day that it completely stopped the mower and thank the Lord I was turning so my speed was maybe 2 or 3 mph, when it happened I thought it had to have torn up something because it almost threw me up and out of the seat. I got off and checked the deck good all over and I could not even tell where it hit the stump. I honestly don't know how you would go about tearing up a Super Z deck I have owned unless you left it sitting in the rain forest for a couple of years and let it get good and rusty then took it out and ran into everything you could find and then I am not real sure you could tear up the ones I have owned then. I am not talking about yours I am talking about the ones I have owned and had experience with.
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