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Originally Posted by Drafto

If the price is right any size. I am really weighing my options to make the best decision. I love ETWMans (Jarod's) FL-70 set up, and after doing some research for $28,000 I could have a set-up like his minus a few bodies I don't need yet. I have been looking at some 350's 450's but they are in the same price range as getting the Fl-70 set-up. If I could get a nice f-4 or 550 for the right price I would go for it. Dump pricing is a funny thing, I mean I have seen some 1995-1997 F-350 and Dodge 3500's (all Diesels of course) going for $15-$19,000????

Dan, don't waste your money on an F-350. Legally, you can't put enough gravel in it to fix a pothole. Unless it's one of several trucks in your fleet for mulch or plant material, the one ton dump just isn't big enough for hardscaping.
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