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Originally Posted by Steelratt
1. Someone already pointed it out. I can fix it if it really upsets anyone. Chalk it up to late night brain failure.

2. Not going to argue there. Like I said, it's not the hours that really bugged me.

3. I drove a mower than had sitting in front of the place all season. Just because I look at a TV on the floor at Circuit City, I shouldn't expect them to throw it in a box and give it to me when I buy one. Why should I have to specify that I want a new one? Shouldn't it be their responsibility to point out if they are talking about a slightly used one, rather than a new one? Thats just a ridiculous position to take.

4. It's not their call about what it acceptable, it's mine. This isn't a mower for a contractor thats going to get banged around, its for residential use, and I like to take care of my stuff. I mean, getting food all over my couch doesn't affect its fucntionality, but that doesn't mean that I want to crap it out. I pride myself on how I take care of my equipment. I just gave away a yard man mower I used for the past 7 years. The thing looked brand new (except for the underside of the deck, can't help that) and still starts immediately on the first pull. I appreciate that it's functionality wasn't impaired, but I like my $5000 new items to look, well, new.

Like I said, this was nothing that clear communication couldn't have solved. No need to get hysterical. I've driven up and bought mowers right off the floor before. My latest lazer had 7 hours on it when I got it. I negotiated the price over the phone and had no idea if the unit had been driven before or not. I suppose I could have pitched a fit and requested a crated unit, but then I got it in late March(prime selling season) at their early Feb winter special price, so I couldn't complain. I doubt the GM would have been willing to give me that price if I acted like a jerk and he had to rush to uncrate and set up a new mower for me. And some dealers are not big enough that they have many units sitting around in crates. What you see on the floor is often what's for sale, period. It's just assumed.

As for #2. Not a great choice of analogy. Mowers aren't televisions. TVs on display at stores are on all day long, 7 days a week. They're obviously significantly used. Your mower had very minimal use on it. The difference with a tv is, they're not sold as new if they're floor models, they often run specials on these "floor models" and they are advertised as such. I'm curious why you didn't choose an automobile for your analogy. Oh, that's right, they all have some use on them too, and have been sitting outside in the elements. Or do you only buy cars straight off the transporter from the factory?

Item #4. You're certainly entitled to what you want, I suppose. But comparing a sofa to a lawnmower and expecting the same pristine look is pretty silly, isn't it? It's a tool used to do work to earn money, not a toy. I think your outraged tone with the seller was the problem, not the fact that you just wanted a pristine mower. You acted as if they'd ripped you off when it was just a trivial matter over personal taste. Many couldn't have cared less. I'm sure they're rolling their eyes over you at the dealership and you'll go down in the "PITA file". A wise person told me to be wary of people who go around overly suspicious of everyone's motives all the time, because they are usually basing their imaginings on what they could see themselves doing.

I know you're not a commercial cutter and think we just bash the hell out of our machines, but I have heard guys who obsess on their machine's appearance as opposed to function referred to as "equipment qu**r" , and derided. I knew a guy who failed in the biz who spent more time washing his mowers than using them. He couldn't show up to do jobs on time, but he sure had time to drive by the car wash and powerwash his mower daily. It's a lawnmower, not a Porsche. I'm sure you think you just spent a lot of money, but a $5,000 low end mower isn't exactly going to be a classic in 20 years or anything. So don't sweat every scratch or dent. My '06 BMW just got rear ended by a guy with no insurance and has a scratch in the bumper and a dent in the rear quarter panel. That matters. About $2500 worth. A scratch or rust spot on a lawnmower is nothing. I'm less upset about that car than you seem to be about a lawnmower.

You should just chill. I'm not saying you are wrong about this, just that it's hardly worth worrying about at all, much less to the extent you seemed to. You'd have done yourself a bigger favor just asking for a $100 refund.

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