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A 19,000 GVW aint squat in terms of full fledged hardscapin.That equals zero payload. And payload is very important.

Either go 26000 GVW or a 1 ton pick up with a 6 ton dump trailer.

Truthfully? An Isuzu or a Mits cabover offers higher payload than Ford or GM. Want a good work truck? Get a Mits.

gettin Back on topic:

I'm hearing that the NY area has been hit the hardest with a slow down in work.

On the otherhand, I know guys in CA that are bursting at the seems with high dollar ($250K) jobs.

We were swamped this spring and I was inflating the costs and still selling left and right.

Then all of a sudden in late July / August work bottomed out. It took me about 10-14 days to realize what was going on. A friend of mine is building a home so I talked him into letting us do the excavating work to carry us over. Then I remembered someone else told me last Oct that they wanted us to do some site work at their place, so I called him and got the ball rolling.

Which in the interium, and with some assistance of a supplier, I have been able to sell a good bit of hardscape work, which with our sold jobs that we havent started yet and a few still pending I think we'll be set to finish the year, and possibly book up a few weeks for next year.

Sometimes these things happen.

Patios are luxuries (sp) just as boat and motocycle sales. When the average consumers money gets tight - we're ALWAYS the 1st to feel it. This is when offering maintenance services is an invaluable benefit.
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