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I agree with you that opinions are like armpits - everyone's got two of 'em. And everybody can't be right (or wrong). I wish I could tell you that I have all marketing figured out and 'here's what you oughta do', but I don't. So I can't. You might get all kinds of biz from this idea. But I thought it wouldn't be unfair for me to share a dissenting opinion. I just know that I try to focus my mktg $ on the highest-impact, highest lead generation activities I can, and not use the 'blanket' approach, because I just don't have the funds for that. If you do, more power to you. You'll be able to dominate your market in no time.

And I'm with you on the point that you need to make an impact where you can have a 1x1 dialogue with the customer, and a coffee mug does that, where the YP don't. 100 cos screaming for your attention when you open the book to 'Landscaping.'

There are other gimmicky things I've done that were either free or almost free, that landed me large articles in the newspaper and even some face time on the evening news. That 3rd party presentation lends tons of credibility, which is something every small, growing company could use more of.

good luck and keep us informed on how it goes!
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