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Originally Posted by CLARK LAWN
I Had A Carb Problem With My 261 Also Took It In To The Dealer They Told Me The Carb Was Full Of Dirt Probably From Bad Fuel.but My 210 And My Blower That Run The Same Fuel And The 210 Probably Gets Used More Run Fine. They Charge Me $30 To Clean The Carb On A Unit That Was Only 2All I can say is...don't be afraid to take the Months Old.
30 bucks, that sucks!

98% of the problems anyone has with line trimmers, hedgers, edgers, blowers, is debris in the carb!

All I can say is, don't be afraid to take the carb off and take it apart... there is maybe 7-9 parts, including screws and it's as easy as pie! I have corrected SO many problems by taking a carb apart, and just CLEANING it, it's not even funny!
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