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Originally Posted by J&R Landscaping
I know what you mean. My neighboors are always "spying on me" sorta speak. I dont think I would be afraid to advertise on my truck but I think I would worry about the other neighboorhood kids damaging or stealing my stuff. (it almost happened once)

I feel that my neighboors dont take my operation seriously and feel that I am just trying to "junk up" the neighboorhood. When I got my new (to me) 94 f250, my one next door neighboor came and said that I wasn't allowed to park commercial trucks in the neighborhood. (though 2 blocks away, some one who owns an ice company has 4 big freezer trucks in his driveway)
There was a landscaper who lived at the top of my street and he has a kubota tractor, 2 trailers, dump truck and the usual gear and the neighboors would always give him kind words and such. With me, everyone seems to be talking down on me and I really think its because of my age. Hopefully their opinions will change but I'm not expecting it to.

Jpocket, if you dont mind saying, how old are you. I'm 19 for the record.
I could care less what my neighbors think, most of them understand. It's just when I go to a local small restuarant, ppl seem to want to pry and ask questions. I always feel the need to bite my tongue around these places. Never know when someone is going to take something i said and use it against me.

I also don't lie the fact that my personal truck is parked outside my house, and anyone who rides by now knows where I live. (i know I know, it sounds paranoid) but it's the truth ppl. know where I live just b/c my truck is parked in the driveway, and it wouldn't be too hard to find out where my shop is.

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