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Originally Posted by Jpocket
In a way yea...some young black guy doing good for himself. At 20 years old the sky is the limit. People might want to do something to put me out of business, b/c they are jealous. I live in a small city like town, when ppl. see you ridin around like some "hotshot" they may not like it.
Well, I thought maybe you were talking about making yourself a "target" for others to come along behind you and lowball you. I had that happen to me and had to go stealth for a while... and I still do sorta keep a low profile in that respect. This is the main reason you don't see pictures of my accounts, my equipment, my rigs and myself plastered all over this site either.... and if I do post a pic I try to take ones where there are no landmarks, ect...

But now what you are talking about......
Well that's something totally different, and I tell ya, it just pizzes me off to even think that in this day and age people still have to feel concerned with this in this country. I don't know what makes people think there are 'color barriers' for careers and success. Who do people think they are? As long as a person is a legal citizen of this country earning a legitimate living, I don't think they should have to ever concern themselves with this crap.

Honestly, this is something that had never even entered my mind about this industry. I mean I know there is plenty of distain for non-english speaking illegal immigrants in this industry.... which has nothing really to do with race. But I never realized there was this sort of racism brewing out there. I mean I REALLY never even thought about it... and I'm mad now that I am.

I dunno.... from my perspective, I think "lettering up" could really go either way in your case. It could turn out to be nothing but a positive benefit to display to everyone what you do for a living to earn your status... but then again, I guess it could also be like putting a target on your back too.

For you to have to even think about this crap is such a shame....
Geez, past that I don't even know what to say.


"If you place a low value upon yourself, rest assured..... the world will not raise your price."

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