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Originally Posted by ztrguy
I know of a lot of guys that buy John Deere just because it's a John Deere. Farmers will tell you they love their John Deeres. They might love the color or just love the name. Buying decisions are made on looks, brand, performance. Just look at Ford, Dodge, and Chevy. If you grow up owning one particular brand most will stick with that brand. Just because they like the looks or think it's the best brand. We grew up on John Deere tractors, but we own Exmark and Toro ZTRs right now. In the future, it will probably be all green John Deere equipment just because we grew up on the Yellow and Green.
Not always true. I have always owned Fords.

Now I own 2 Dodge trucks. and until Dodge does something really dumb or someone else puts a real diesel in their truck I will most likely be owning dodge trucks. But I will stay open to other brands on cars. Dodge cars just don't do it for me other than the viper and the 300.

Kinda like GM, Trucks are not great and the cars look like crap but that Solstice is gorgeous.
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