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Originally Posted by lawnwizards
for all you guys knocking, him grow the eff up! this is a legitimate question. it takes alot of guts to come on here with a question like hes posted with all the idiot biggots and racists on here. as far as your original question, how is your business doing without the lettered truck? if its doing good without then i wouldn't worry, but if you need to garner more customers then i would get it lettered and don't worry if you get a few nimrods calling you up.

i think we all get alot of bogus calls and you need to learn how to dicipher these calls and not put alot of stock in them. thats how i learned. you can never tell when someone is gonna have you come out and do an estimate and when you arrive, beat the living chit out of you just cause their jealous or stupid.

it happened to 2 tow truck drivers around here a couple of years ago. got a call that someone needed a tow, they went out guy got shot in the head a robbed. nows hes in a paralized state for the rest of his life.
and that falls under the law of one. One time something happened. Which falls under statistically improbable so should be discarded.

If some fool wants to hurt you, they will do it with or without lettering.

I mean all I really have to do is talk to one of your clients and ask for your number as I want to have you do my property. the client will think they are doing you a favor and bam I now have your number and can set you up at will.

Just silly.

Go and letter the truck. If for no other reason than you will feel better about yourself and your business, looking professional and projecting an image.

Since I lettered mine up, many more people know who I am and look at me less like the lawn scum and more like a businessman.

I have 2 trucks fully lettered and my parent's 2 vehicles with magnets. people tell me they see my vehicles everywhere and I must be doing really good. Makes me smile.
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