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New Poll: What's Your Minimum Charge?

Many service companies have a minimum service charge, i.e. if you call a heating/air company they may charge $50 to send a tech out. Where is the lawn/landscape industry fit in regarding minimum service charges? Please share your minimum charge and the reasons you chose that minimum.

I charge $30 minimum for grass and I will probably raise that next season to $35, because I want to weed out cheap skates and really small stuff. For existing customers I don't usually charge less than $25 for other-than-mowing work that can be done on the route, just because it seems like a fair price, no other reason really. Off-route work for existing customers is charged accordingly at my normal hourly rates, but not less than $55 to account for travel/etc. for making a special trip. For REALLY small stuff while mowing I usually don't charge, extras that take less than 5 minutes are just good service.
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