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Originally Posted by Envy Lawn Service
Mowers that need a makeover to help sales...

1- Dixie Chopper
2- Dixon
3- BadBoy (upper tier)
4- Kubota
5- Country Clipper
6- Grasshopper
7- Cub/Lesco
8- Wright
1. Only DC I have ever seen is on LS
2. WTF is a Dixon I ask?
3. WTF is a BadBoy I ask (again)?
4. Thought Kubota only made construction equipment
5. WTF is a Country Clipper I ask (third time)?
6. Have seen 1 GH in person in 14 years (god awful colors)
7. Lesco is none -existant here in NJ (mower wise) that is
8. Wright is just a little less non-existant than Lesco here in NJ, think I have seen 3 or so
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