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Depending on the lawns, it can be done, and still have somewhat of a social life. I graduated high school last spring, mowed my entire time there. I had right around 20 yards I think last year, all normal residential, max 30-40 minutes there, went to school, then football from 3-whenever, usually 7 or so, mowed on saturday, all day from the end of football film review until dark, then I had my time. Oh, and I managed a 3.5 or better GPA all through high school That wasn't bad at all, now 15 credit hours, 35 lawns, two big landscape projects, right now sucks. I am so burned out, not on the biz, but on school. I know I need to stay in, but man it is hard when i am doing as well as I am, and have to have my helpers do some jobs when I should be there. But to answer your question, yes, you should have no problem.
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