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Originally Posted by KS_Grasscutter
Who here is still in school? How many lawns a week do you do, and do you have any help? Reason i am asking, i am trying to plan for next season, so it dont turn out ending like this (NO money in savings in mid-october). I KNOW i can do 25 lawns/wk, but mom aint so convienced. I am also looking for ways that i can explain to her i can keep good grades, still do golf (she wants me to real bad, but it will be tough to make the team anyway, so it may not even be a problem), and still sucessfully manage my accts. Thanks for any replies.

Basically, what i am asking, CAN i do 25 lawns a week between 3:45 to 7 monday through friday? Also have all day saturday and sundy to do lawn stuff, but prefer to keep those open if possible for extra jobs, catchup if rained out, and somewhat of a personal life.
I am gonna get blasted for this but i do 13 yards/week and am only in 8th grade and 13 years old. Next Year im planning on doing 15-20 yards a week and have a full time helper who can drive and im gonna buy a truck and during spring and fall do 3 yards/day 5 days/week and over the summer 5 yards/day 3 days/week and the other three days do landscaping over the summer and do landscaping on weekends during spring and fall. Right now i have my dad and my bro, my bro just got his license and a 97 S-10 and i know its small but i love it compared to the Jeep. But i will have my full time helper next year and be able to have my brother come and go when he wants b/c he wants to be a lifeguard and i just dont think i cant rely on him full time. But right now im doing about 3-5 yards after school normally done by 7:00 at the latest, come in take a shower and then do homework and or study and be in bed by 9:00. Oh Yeah, i forgot to add, i maintain a 3.2 gpa, with all A's and B's. Hope This Helps! -Mitch-

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