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depends what you have for equipment if you can drive and how hard your gonea work I did the math and if i get my lawns in small neighboorhoods in packs of 5-10 next season i can pull 50 solo lawns and 75 with a helper. Its really how hard you want to work and if it is worth it. Once you get 50+ lawns get a really nice Z hire someone to trim push and blow and you basicly get to ride around and make 1000 bucks a week or more. You sound exactly the same as me. Im a sophmore, Wanted a Z in the spring, And am not sure how many accounts i need to make so. . . I did the math. Give yourself 5-10 min transport time beetween your accounts nad ad an extra 5 incase. then take 30 minutes off your total time. its differnet for everyone. and dont get a ZTR get a walkbehind and sulkie.
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