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Originally Posted by MattsMowing3535
depends what you have for equipment if you can drive and how hard your gonea work I did the math and if i get my lawns in small neighboorhoods in packs of 5-10 next season i can pull 50 solo lawns and 75 with a helper. Its really how hard you want to work and if it is worth it. Once you get 50+ lawns get a really nice Z hire someone to trim push and blow and you basicly get to ride around and make 1000 bucks a week or more. You sound exactly the same as me. Im a sophmore, Wanted a Z in the spring, And am not sure how many accounts i need to make so. . . I did the math. Give yourself 5-10 min transport time beetween your accounts nad ad an extra 5 incase. then take 30 minutes off your total time. its differnet for everyone. and dont get a ZTR get a walkbehind and sulkie.
Actually, I already have a ZTR. Although, I would like to add another one next year (42in Walker) if I can find one cheap enough (haha, Walker and cheap in the same sentence, right... ). I am doing 10 a wk right now. I have basically new edger and blower, plan on new string trimmer for next season. Also MAY get a worktruck ($2000 GMC from a customer) if things work out.

Now to answer some other questions... there is NO WAY i could afford to pay help, let alone find anyone capable of doing the quality of work I expect. Although the thought of never stringtrimming again sounds d*** nice!

Stroker51, yea, driest I can remember. Just got done harvesting soybeans, at 10 bushel an acre, they were about half of breaking even... Really woulda wished we got more rain this fall, as i overseeded a couple nonirrigated lawns that nothing come up, oh well, i got paid anyway. We ARE supposed to get some rain the next couple days, hoping that works out for the wheat that is just now comming up, and of couse the lawns.

Thanks to everyone for the replies! Keep 'em comming.
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