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I guess that you ended up with the Cat 247B, If you did congrats they are a great machine, the suspension is a lot easier on the operator than a lot of the other machines out there. We had a 2004 247B and traded it in on 2006 Bobcat T190. It was a really good machine when it was not in the shop. machine. We loved the power and the ride of the cat, but our dealer screwed us over on repairs in the first 1200 hours and the repairs ended up costing as much as the payment each month. It turns out the low hour (600) machine we bought had been run in a coal mine and every bearing and seal went out of it in very quick fashion. In the end we didn't have to pay for 90% of the repairs but all the down time killed us. We plan on going back to cat or deere when we trade in about a year or so. We have since rented long term a 277 and a 287 and they were both great machines, just ask scag he will tell you the same thing. We just happened to get a lemon, so don't think that i am bashing on the 247B.
Good luck with the new machine and make sure you keep the tracks clean because the boogies are very pricey.
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