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also what is the price he is wanting....does it even seam close to fair

I would also drop a few things on him as "man I'm not sure I can afford it I HAD BEEN SAVING FOR A BIG SPRING ADD CAMPAIGN"

or "man I was considering dropping a few of my PITA clients and going to work at this pretty good job I was offered"

provided of course you can be convincing.....see how he reacts to this.....if it is surprising to him then he might be for real......if he is ho hum about it then I would bet he will find a way to have his equipment making money next year....if he looks deer in headlights like "damn i thought i had you all set up and if i don't dump this on you NOW i will just end up watching clients go somewhere else next year with me getting nothing for them" ........THAT IS WHEN YOU GO FOR THE THROAT......BECAUSE HE HAS NO OTHER PLAN THAN YOU
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