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Originally Posted by puppypaws
I have been on John Deere equipment for a very long time farming but never owned a zero turn John Deere mower. I had the chance to run the 777 about a week ago and I still believe that John Deere green and yellow looks the best in everything and their zero turn mower is the best looking one on the market but I have been brain washed by so many years of looking over the hoods and platforms of John Deere tractors and combines.
I live in a serious farming area now and you would think that, of those farmers who buy ZTRs and there are a few here, they would buy JD mowing equipment. I have yet to see the first JD ZTR though. I do see a lot of DC, Exmark, Toro and Everride with a few Grasshoppers thrown in here and there. I did however see the biggest freakin combine I have ever seen a few weeks ago. It was green and yellow and took up the entire highway.

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