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Originally Posted by JimLewis
My CPA has saved me more money than I could ever pay him. Trust me, you'll never find all of the great deductions that a good CPA will find you. Just pony up the extra dough and start getting sound financial advice from the experts.
I very much agree with this. ESPECIALLY if you have employees. For me, the cost of a CPA is easily recovered from the deductions. Also, the CPA fees can be kept surprisingly low if you both use the same accounting system (ANY CPA should have and know how to use QuickBooks). My accountant has pointed out things would raise the dreaded "red flags" at the IRS. Also, by simply emailing information from my QuickBooks program, I haven't visited the office in probably over 5 years.

Keeping receipts shouldn't even have to be mentioned. Whenever I buy anything business related, I get and keep a receipt. If nothing else, one way to do this is to pay by check for everything, so you have the canceled checks for your records.
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