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Originally Posted by Richard Martin
I live in a serious farming area now and you would think that, of those farmers who buy ZTRs and there are a few here, they would buy JD mowing equipment. I have yet to see the first JD ZTR though. I do see a lot of DC, Exmark, Toro and Everride with a few Grasshoppers thrown in here and there. I did however see the biggest freakin combine I have ever seen a few weeks ago. It was green and yellow and took up the entire highway.
John Deere has not been in the zero turn mower business as long as a lot of other brands but they are coming on strong in this area. I run Hustler myself but if there was no more Hustler's I would more than likely be on a John Deere, I am seeing more and more of them on trailers in this part of the country. You need to drive a combine like you saw in a congested area like we have around Charlotte and Monroe, we take the platforms off and haul them on their on carrier but the machine is so big it can get on your nerves trying to move on two lane roads. The people actually get mad like you don't belong on their roads and they take a lot of chances because they are always in a hurry, it is kind of funny you can see them cussing but they sure want somebody to produce their food so they can eat.
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