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Originally Posted by CutsForLess
Bob thats what im trying to find out is how people like them compared to riding, thanks for the input.
I have a 48" T-bar gear drive Wb with a velke, and a 60" Warrior z.
I find you need the lots to justify the Z, plain and simple (translation: BIG lots, nothing below 3/4 acres need apply lol).

Here's the scoop:
- Riding the Warrior is no more comfortable than the velke. Although the legs are relieved from the strain, now the shock of bumpy lawns (and they're all bumpy lol) gets transferred directly to my spine... It's still work and it still hurts after a day.
- The Warrior eats a TON of fuel and costs 3 times more than the Wb, but the maintenance intervals are spread much further apart (25 hrs for the z, every 8 hrs for the Wb). All in all, the Warrior has to produce more, or it's not even worth loading it up.
- The Wb runs circles around the Warrior in most anything under an acre due to its light weight, the Wb is agile and if slower but consistent, it takes turns at almost the same speed as the straights and it gets deeper into the corners so there is less weed-eating with the Wb as well. That, and with the Warriors weight and its huge rear tires, the Z wastes a LOT of time in the turns. Thus, only in lots approaching an acre in size (40k+ square feet) with some nice straight runs does the Warrior really start to pull ahead, once you get into an acre, the Warrior finishes an acre in 30 minutes double cut vs. the Wb's 40 minutes single cut (around 1 hour double cut), both at full stick.

It's a bit like a Nascar vs. a go-kart: On a big oval track, the Nascar will win every time... But take them on the small circuitous track and the big fast car can't even get around the track, so the go-kart would, if not win, at least place just as decently for much less cost and hassle. It's the same with the Z, in a small lot the Z feels almost as useless as a submarine in a swimming pool.
So, you need the lots for the Z, otherwise it's not worth it, at least not to me, I still use the 48" a LOT, a whole lot.

But, the Z has headlights, it can (and likely soon will) keep cutting past sunset. Ahhh yes it is nice

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