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Scag, the suspended under carriage is considerably more complicated than a nonsuspended machine and thus more expensive to maintain. That has been well established. I agree that because they contour to the ground, they may provide more traction than a nonsuspended unit in some ground conditions. However, is that added benifit and a smoother ride worth the cost? That answer is probably very individual, for some it may be others it probably isn't. If that system is say 10% more productive than a nonsuspended tracked machine does that productivity increase cover the ownership costs? I have heard of guys getting repair bills over 10K for these machines. That maybe half the remaining value of the machine in many cases. Some of the costs may be offset by a very careful operator and putting the machine only jobs where it really needs to be. We all know that is very difficult to do. Finding guys that are that careful is difficult and having the ability to pick and chose jobs sites is not often an option. It think this applys to all tracked machines not just CAT/ASV, but the abuse margin is much tighter with the CAT/ASV's. As I have said before, I think you really need to be making money with these machines, because they require more money to run than any other tracked machine. They do work better in some applications than anything else on the market. Whether that applies to the buyers application is the question that should be answered when planning a purchase.
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