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Biting Off More Than I Can Chew?

First time poster here. Love the site. Just found it googling around!

I have the opportunity to purchase and take over an 8 year old lawn maintenance service. The company has great name recognition in the area. The deal would include 37 residential contracts and 3 commercial contracts in place for next season. I have spoken with the guy selling - a current co-worker of mine, and he said that I could handle the workload with myself and one employee. He also said that if I didn't add any contracts that I would be looking at around $400-$500/week income, which to me isn't too shabby for just starting out.

My question to the pros is am I biting off more than I can chew? I have little prior experience in the field, and am not a landscaping guru at all. My expertise would be in cutting and edging lawns. I am currently employed full-time and would have preferred to start the business small and part-time while still working my "job". But I think this deal on the table is a great opportunity and I would welcome the challenge of taking the current client base and putting my fingerprint on it and building it into something quite bigger.

I'd welcome any feedback you all have to offer and look forward to getting involved more with the forums.

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