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Originally Posted by PMLAWN
Great name recognition and only 40 accounts????

Sounds like a good deal to take over buy not to purchase. No way to have an employee to work that few of jobs and if the work only pays 4-500 a week how can you pay someone. He is a co worker so this business is only part time, And he wants out?? This whole deal does not sound right.
If you want to cut grass look into buying some equipment and doing it yourself
I gotta agree!!! Eight years in Bus and only 40 accounts. He should have been much larger by now (if he wanted to). Why is he selling? That would be my first question. I might woudl consider buyign the equipment and takign over the accounts, but no purchase on the accounts without a signed service agreement. Even still, depending on the scheduleing, you should be able to do that may properties (with a helper) in the evenings and weekends and then grow it to leave your job.
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