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One more point about the suspended undercarriages that I don't think has been mentioned is track cleanout. A big advantage (To me it's the biggest) to a CTL is it's ability to work in mud. The ASV/Cat's undercarraige packs in A LOT more mud and is much harder to clean out than a non-suspended machine's tracks are. This also makes the machine bogg down quicker and effects it's performance. In winter work, they will freeze if you don't clean them out. For some of you, this may not be a big deal, or maybe you don't run yours in heavier mud. For me, this is crucial. I also don't want to spend all night cleaning out tracks. All the CTL's, like anything, have their limits, but I've seen/ran Bobcat, Deere, Case, and the Takeuchi machines all do better in the same conditions than the Cat.
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