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I cant wait till I have enough of a customer base to just flat out name my price.....It will be $20 minimum across the board no matter what. Down here though its ridiculous, I just picked up a few lawns from some chic who was selling her lawn equipment, I called and asked what she was doing with her lawns and she offered them to me. Then I see where she was charging people who live on almost a quarter acre lots only $50 a MONTH...!! These people have 5-10 beds and islands in their yard (tons of line-trim basically) and only charging $50 a month....So when I jacked the price to $70 on 2 of them who live across the street from one another they both balked and looked at me like Im a criminal or somethin....pissed me off. Its poeple like her though that are kinda messin it up for actual small business guys down here cause they come to expect those prices, then when they do have to give in and pay 70-100 a month they are expecting so much that you really cant make them happy anyway.....move on.......
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