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Originally Posted by Ed G
Yep Florida soil is nothing but sand. The hardest thing about digging is breaking thru the sod roots.

I just looked at a couple of neighbor's valve boxes. They all have a stubby too.

Now you fellows understand why I'm turning to you to get a good irrigation sysytem and wanting to get it done right.

By the way, little about me...I'm a former contractor myself.

For 10 years I worked as an independent contractor providing drafting and engineering consultation services. I now work direct for ABB Medium Voltage Power Distribution Division as a mechanical designer in the research and development dept. I design the enclosures for Outdoor Circuit Breakers

You guys ever need any AutoCad tips, just ask.

He's right. Although I am sure there are tons of guys who do great irrigation work here. I have yet to meet any. Slack and halfway seems to the standard.

Yet another reason I am pursuing my irrigation license.
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