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Just to stir the pot, I'll throw this out there. The big selling point I've seen and what sold me on a track machine is they "extend your work season". For some parts of the country, tracks or no tracks may not matter or you may decide that using over the tire tracks on your skid gives you everything (99%) you need. Now I'm just an amateur compared to most (all) of you guys and I've never owned a skid-steer. What prompted me to fall for that selling point was I did own a compact tractor (4x4) and on a few occasions (early Spring mostly) found myself up to the axles in mud and once having to leave the machine for two days waiting for the ground to dry up enough to get it out (unable to use the front loader bucket roll maneuver). One job, where I was doing some clearing and leveling, I had to tell the guy I'd be back in a few weeks when the ground dried out. I never got to finish that job (no payment). So looking to the future, the tracks appealed to me and so far I feel like it's been a good investment. I may change my mind when the time comes to pay for new tracks ! Another key, and it's been mentioned here and elsewhere, is where/how they are being used. I'm doing essentially all work in the dirt not on rock/concrete/demolition debris. Also I try to utilize good practices like not spinning around in place unless really necessary, power washing when I've been in the mud and being the owner/operator I realize I'm the guy that's going to have to pay for any abuse to the tracks so I keep that in mind when operating. If I had a crew running the machine I'm guessing I'd rather give them a skid-steer to operate. So, like everything else, there's pro's and con's and you make your choices and live with them. Was there a point to this, oh yeah, just stirring things up! (I've had enough seriousness for the day at my full time gig .)
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