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Originally Posted by mslawn
Give him fair market value for the equipment and get started. What alot of people fail to realize is the cost of advertising. You can grow the business from here. With an employee and that small of # of accounts that net of 400-500 per week is probably about right or even a little high, that is about 30% of 1600.00 (40 small accounts? x 40.00 = 1600.00). If they are small accounts also consider not even hiring an employee until you get this rolling and add more customers. That will certainly increase your bottom line.
Without any prior business experience, that is the best answer imo...
Otherwise you're just asking for it, there are no guarantees in this world, whether 40 acct's or 4,000, you could be down and out by July or August with no experience, man, I wouldn't sink more into it than what the equipment is worth.

And don't plan on cutting every account every week, surely you've put your hipboots on by now?
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