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Originally Posted by VMcNeill
Thing is I like the rich dark green color, kind of like the Quick 36 and/or the Bunton's have or maybe even a Toro red. Lets say I get a hustler ZTR, I hate yellow so my hustler will either be a dark green or dark red hustler.
I don't mind most colors I'd say... but over time I have found that I like BLACK.
No it's not as flashy as the other colors and at times it is not as functional.

But I tell you, it does have some funtionality. When it gets dirty and the gloss is knocked off, it doesn't look as bad or faded. It's easy to cover your field boo-boo's with some good semi-gloss or satin black. Plus when it is relatively clean, it looks like a new mower still from a distance, as the scratches and stuff aren't visible from that vantage point.

I squirted mine off over the weekend with a garden hose and one of my Monday customers said "looks like you bought another brand new one of those black mowers" as we were standing on the poarch.

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