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You said that 247 was run in a mine or something along those lines, correct? If so, there's your answer. I read in your last post you thought that might have contributed and I'll bet you anything that it didn't help bogie longetivity. But, you probably won't get more than 2,000 hours out of bogies anyway. I'm curious as to why the bogies can't be compsosed of steel, aside from weight issues. What harm would it do? Shouldn't hurt the tracks I wouldn't think.
BTW, what did bogie replacement cost you?

KSSS, makes sense about having tracks climbing piles, but if you think about climbing up gravel, he'll probably just spin. But I'm assuming he demo'd the machine so he probably has that all figured out. Like you say, it'll be interesting to see what his track life is. For the most part, you and I are saying pretty much the same thing about these machines, just coming out a little different

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