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Thanks to everyone for giving their input so far. I apologize for seemingly being vague and lacking detail but at this point I'm pretty green and very new

Anyway, I'm going to look at the equipment tomorrow and see if its what I'm looking for. If you all don't mind my asking questions I'm sure I'll be back tomorrow or the next day to get further advice. If I may now, though, I have a couple of questions that go beyond my earlier ones:

1. How do all figure what amount you will charge for a job? Do you base it an hourly rate? Example being you charge $50/hour and a job takes 30 minutes. Do you then charge $25/job?

2. Are you involved in land scaping and lawn maintenance or just lawn maintenance?

3. For those of you that have been around for a while, are you still out there doing the work yourself or have you grown to a point where you can pay others to do the work while you still profit?

Again, I apologize for being naive. But you all seem helpful.
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