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Originally Posted by CutsForLess
I have a dixie chopper that I really like and a 26" exmark for small yards, but I have been thinking of getting a walkbehind. Im wondering if I would like the walkbehind enough to sale the chopper. I like riding on the big lots but I have found out a rider is not a priority most of the time, I think it just adds to your overhead more than anything. My question is can I cut as fast with a walkbehind hydro with a sulky as I can with my chopper? Is the rider worth the added expense, I mean its paid for but I could always sell it if I liked the walkbehind enough. I think I could almost get 2 walkbehinds for a little more than I paid for the chopper, maybe a small one like a 36" and then a 48", what do you think? Another thing is would the hydro be that much faster than my 26" metro I mean I know there is a size difference but still can mow at 4mph with the metro. Just thinking out loud fell free to add to it if you like.
How do you like your exmark 26, I have been thinking of getting a couple of them to replace the toro 21's. I bag more than mulch but like to be able to do both.
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