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Originally Posted by Rizzo
I think what jpocket is saying is that he is one of the "haves" in his neighborhood and the "have nots" tend to have a reputation of not liking a "have" showing off. The "have nots" are envious of him for doing something for himself and being a success and therefore may try to bring him back down to thier level by damaging or stealing what he has worked hard for. He is uneasy about lettering because that shows he has something and he is not afraid to work. I have been a cop for 10 years and have seen this happen. Unless you have seen it or live it, it is a difficult concept to understand. Good luck jpocket and it's good to hear your business is thriving!
Somewhat similar situation where I'm at, just not as bad though. My problem is that the "have not's" like to take from the "haves". My only concern is advertising that I "have". As soon as I can, I will move from the neighborhood that "has not" and I won't be so worried about it. It's just that right now I'm still paying off all of their houses that they are renting from me.
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