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I agree with just about every differing opinion on this subject. What is good? What is worth it? What is a waste of money? Testing out new ideas and options do not hurt. I still believe that hands down the best form of marketing/advertising aside from positive word of mouth is direct mail. You can get the message you want right in front of the exact people you want to target. If the letter is written the right way with a professional approach, it cannot fail...results are sure to follow. People will argue that direct mail doesn't work. That probably means it didn't work for them, but my guess is their approach was wrong. Between the letter head, the envelope, the stamp and the cost to print the letter you are looking at $0.50 for each piece. For $500 you can have whatever you want right in front of 1,000 people, and that's 1,000 people you chose to get that message. It works...
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