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Originally Posted by Jpocket
I'm afraid to be flashy and noticable with my trucks and equipment. I feel that ppl. from all angles are watching me, and will do something to hurt me and my business at the first opportunity they get. Not so much ppl I know it's the ppl that I don't know, or losely know that worry me.

I live in a town where the vast majority of the ppl are nobodys, and it seems like certian ppl. try to pry and ask a bunch of questions. I drive a nice truck during my personal time, and i get alot of looks from ppl. like "whats that young guy doing with a truck like that?" I feel like everything I do has to be low key, and low profile. While the "Italian boys" (No dissrespect) get to show off everything they have, like thier name plastered all over everything, and F-350 PSD's WITH 22" Chrome Wheels. I just feel like if I did that I would be asking for it.

Anybody else feel this way, like you gotta be careful how much publicity you and your business gets?
You need to work on your self confidence or you are doomed to failure...
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