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hello, small engine eg two strokes/ 4 strokes chain saws brush cutters push/ride mowers domestic stuff etc OR the commecial stuff eg all over 20 hp. As u would expect different set of tools .Typically bigger stuff requires way more expensive tools . As there r different clients which do u pick. As i see it ,in the off season most retail will drop off and the commecial [if a smart operater] will over haul at this time. Need a good marketing mix..
You will need a comprehensive tool kit "" EVERYTHING""
OEM special tools as required
shop tools -mig welder
oxy/ acet gas welder
press and press tools
parts washer approved type
at least 3 good benches
at least2 vices
Enviromentally appoved oil waste and new oil storage system
Enviromently approved wash down area
Drill press
jack and stands
hoist 2 post
lead light
Work shop special tools
efi fuel pump flow/ pressue guage
optional air fuel ratio meter
efi trouble code checker
[can be done manually]
very optional injector cleaner and spray pattern /volume checking machine
cooling system test equipment
temp guage
pressure tester
glycol checker
oil preesure guage
vacumn guage
comp tester
leak down tester
advance timing light
good multi meter
transport trailer 4 equipment with a winch
There is heaps of other gear
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