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also just one other thing....looking at the part of the wall that has already slants out at the top...if it was poor drainage undermining the base it would possibly slant out at the base more or crumble in sections.....slanting out at the top tells me that you are fighting a mass of soil all trying to flow "down hill" like a soil glacier.....not a localized issue right at the wall digging behind the wall then filling back in only puts less stable soil against the wall and that would allow more of the "mass" behind it to want to move

and Walnut Bend/Lakeside where I grew up is by Westhimer/Beltway Eight very flat and NO lake near by.....I put the example of my friends house in to say that even in a FLAT part of Houston the soil MOVES and if not handled properly....IT WILL JUST MOVE MORE....around Houston you don't worry about drainage so much as worrying about how to deal with the moving yes a drain at the base of that wall would help....(a little as you see with th weep holes that don't weep much)....but the real need i see is to contain that mass of moving soil

just to throw up more alarm an engineer is a good idea again because that foundation is so close that if you contain the soil at the wall with a solid structure I may well have concerns of the soil heaving in other directions....IE around the house....because one thing i WILL GUARANTEE is that soil will just need to know how it will move and if all of your structures are properly build for the movement

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