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Originally Posted by prizeprop
We tie our large leave tarps to the back of the z and tow.Wet leaves get heavy quick.
And I presume you've done that countless times with no ill effect on the ZTR! Right?

Another way of doing it is with JRCO's leaf plow. A picture is attached, and what kind of a vehicle do they show doing it? A ZTR, of course. I watched a guy using one last year, and he must have had a pile of wet leaves about 15 feet long in front of the plow that was hooked up to an Exmark ZTR. He didn't seem to be having any problems, and since he was an LCO, I presumed he had been doing it all through the leaf season. I can't understand the opinion that hydraulic pumps are fragile items that can be easily overloaded and therefore damaged. My log splitter is a relatively small one, but it's pump puts out a 25-ton load. And of course there are many other machines that use hydraulic pumps such as back hoes and front end loaders which I suspect go way above the load capacity of my puny little log splitter. I'm not suggesting that a ZTR can tow 25 tons, but this idea that the maximum towing capacity is something like 80 pounds is absurd.
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