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Learning to say "NO"

I have this problem saying no to people. I - like so many people on this site, like to work and to be completely honest like to make as much money as I can during the mowing season. However I have reached a point where I either have to start saying "no" to new accounts or start hiring employees. I have absolutely no desire to hire employees, but that is another discussion.
Recent fall weather has put me a little bit behind with my regular weekly mowing and other accounts.

I'm at a job site puting my equipment away to go to the next job when I'm approached by an elderly woman. She asks me if I can mow her yard for her. Her mower is broken and she hasn't been able to get it fixed - you know the story. As I said I'm running behind. I have regular customers who have been paying me steadily all season. They expect me to do my job. So I explain to her that I'd like to help her out but I just don't have the time. Well she starts to get angry and she even raises her voice. I apologize repeatedly but it's not fair to my customers to abandon them for a one time cut.

This does not satisfy this woman and she begins to insult me, my family, my heritage and my upbringing. She's wagging her finger in my face and tapping me on the chest. I can feel my face turning red but I keep my composure. When she's finally finished chewing me out I looked her right in the eye and said, "Look Mom, I told you I'm busy. Get Dad to do it."

Had you going didn't I?
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