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I have looked at your pic's and read the posts. We do this kinda magic on a daily basis and build rock retaining walls and yada-yada-yada. I have been doing some type of construction ( from apartment building, tilt-ups, remodels, tracts, machinery, etc.) since the early to mid '70's till now.
The point I am going to address, that rasises a huge red flag for me, is..."I was thinking of getting day laborers to dig down behind the wall", etc. From what I have seen/done through the years, you are asking/begging to get someone buried and killed by having them dig to the bottom of a failing 7' wall. These things may look easy and safe on paper, but the reality of a bunch of guys who don't know each other or the potential hazards digging in a 3'wide hole 7' deep is asking for a good maiming or early pine box. After doin' this kinda stuff for over 35 years.....going home safe at the end of the day has become pretty important....
Enough of the soap box......The fixes are fairly straight forward after you gather a bit more info. I would open a hole in the middle of the wall area somewhere and see what kind of footing is supporting that wall. Next, I would consult a local soils/geo engineer and have him give a written recommendation. Then, I would sort through your options......
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