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Originally Posted by Dirty Water
Huh, a properly designed and geo-gridded wall would be fine in that situation, you don't always need a mass retaining wall.
i disagree completely

I don't think geogrid would work well at all with that soil type....the soil will just heave with the grid in it

also with the short distance between the house and the wall i would want to dig as little as possible in the soil on the house side of the wall.....if you get that soil moving then you run the risk of dealing with the house foundation in the future

a heavy gumbo soil with a high shrink swell and a shallow water table (next to a lake) needs more than some blocks and geo-grid....again just my opinion

and lastly he said the wall was 7' and on most paver sites it says over 6'-7' get an engineer

who ever the mason for the origional wall was a great mason because that wall is really holding up.....unfortunately it looks to have no foundation or a very shallow one

his situation is like a mini-california mud slide.....the whole chunk of soil between the house and wall is moving and needs to be contained...i don't see pavers and geogrid doing that i see pavers and geogrid sliding around
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