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Here's another example of what I'm getting at

OK, here is a situation that I experienced today that is a very good example of what I mean about several issues with customers.

1) Accounts that can tie you up more than they are worth.
2) Accounts with no loyalty
3) Accounts that split work among contractors on purpose

OK, I have this account, which has been OK, and pays me a lot of money. From the beginning I have never did all their work. But I've had my part of the maintenace and renovations. Part of it is under contract and the rest they have been doing as extras, as needed.

I had no issue with any of this.

However, as time has went on, this week for example I found myself hung up, making two trips to do work they wanted done this week. Then sure enough, Friday about 11am I get a request for more work that must be completed this week.

Well, 11am on a Friday is not exactly the best time to request a 3rd maintenance request you need completed this week. But I took it totally in stride with no issue at all. And sure enough I find myself ruining my Saturday over a dinky little job they wanted done.

Sure enough, while I am there I see another outfit roll in to do a "good job" that I had been awaiting the 'all-clear' on to do. Another renovation job, which I do for them.

Well, I stood there dumbfounded and embarassed by on-lookers (residents) as I stood there on my Saturday s#it job maintenance request, while someone else rolls in on my renovation job I was so much looking forward to. A job that would have turned me a profit of 7 times more than what I was there doing at the time.

The more I worked, the worse this burned. To think that I had already did several hard ones for them, and left them flawless, and was finally looking forward to one that would not be such an intensive hard renovation.

By the time I got through running this through my head I was almost to the point of my hair bursting into flames.

If you are a guy like myself, you really have to beware sometimes. I know I stay on the higher end of the price scale, and lots of times it is really hard to judge the motive of some customers/accounts. What I mean is, sometimes they are willing to pay your rates, not because of you, or the quality of your work, or anything else... but rather because they cannot find anyone that can do the work and will do it in their time frame.

Sometimes they will also throw you a bone here and there on better paying jobs to keep you around doing that other stuff they can't find some other outfit to do.

You also have to be wary of some accounts because they want to monopolize you too much with too many little jobs, or too many weekly requests, or too much consuming red tape type stuff.

So now I find myself having to sit down and evaluate what my pride is worth to me, and needing to sit down and RE-evaluate if this piece of business is even worth it to me anymore if I am not 1st in line on all the renovation work too.

"If you place a low value upon yourself, rest assured..... the world will not raise your price."

"The bitterness of poor quality lingers on long after the sweetness of cheap price is forgotten"
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