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Well topsites,

This is one of those cases where you can do everything right and still feel the burn of getting "used" for lack of a better word.

This piece of business is one of those where I have bid the whole shabang... and I have bid the 'other half' too in the past, and never once even got a nibble on my pricing. So I got to the point where I'd just decline their invitation to bid anymore.

So when I got the call on this, I did HEAVY pre-screening before even going out. Then went out to have a look and everything matched up to what was said... and it all came together right.

They had an outfit that was doing both the maintenance and renovations, and yes they were substantually cheaper than me. The results were really really lousy. So the whole thing was shaping up.

In the beginning, I tacked 20% extra on top of my pricing, and the first thing I did was I agreed to re-do a renovation. Everything went well and I filed them under the heading of 'finally learned a lesson' and went on.

Everything I have done I have made excellent profits at since. It's just that I have been scheduling a lot of little extras for them on a regular basis with quick completion dates... which can be a little smothering, and some of it has been rather stressful in certain ways... but worth it overall when considering I have also been getting the 'bigger fish' renovations too.

Getting cut out of the best and easiest renovation to come along yet burns a LOT.

"If you place a low value upon yourself, rest assured..... the world will not raise your price."

"The bitterness of poor quality lingers on long after the sweetness of cheap price is forgotten"
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