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Originally Posted by jayman99
Wow that's a lot of posts in 24 hours. Let me answer some of the responses before I ask more questions.

Mike - Yes, I agree that using equipment to dig out the wall might cause more harm than good. I was thinking of getting some day laborers and doing it by hand.

Stumper raises a good question. How far does water penetrate in clay soil?

"Huh" is very observant. That end of the wall is falling because of the weight of water behind it. I'm trying to relieve that type of pressure to keep the rest of the wall from doing the same.

"Dirty Water" - Yes, there are drain outlets at the base of the wall about every 5 feet. but I never have seen more than minimal seepage coming from any of them.

Ok, so here are some questions I have...

How deep does water penetrate clay soil? I guess it depends on several factors like how fast it runs off, but does anyone have a general idea?

Mike, I know what you are saying about putting down concreiste to direct the water away from the wall. Instead of using concrete, what do you think about digging down two feet and laying down plastic to route the water to a french drain? I could use six foot wide plastic to collect the water and slope it to the french drain.


Its woth a try hand dig down somr and see what you find. You will find a lot of good in put on this site and most are very prof. How ever we are not at your site so you will have to make good judgement on your own at some point. The trouble with clay is most of the time it will never dry out in a area like this becoming much heavier making a surcharge on the wall. But you might luck out and it might be dry. Any way you will have to divert the water you mostly cant stop it being there just deal with it . keep us posted and good luck to you.
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