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Topsites, with a knack for the obvious you sound like Al Gore and Mr. Rogers all rolled into one , but we all luv ya !

Envy -hope you still show this customer all the excitement, drive and results you did when they first signed on with you. Part of LCO Customer Service is also an obligation on the part of the LCO to always offer "new improvements" in lawn care processes year after year, even if they are only 10% improvements. (This also includes "new" marketing materials of flyers, mailings and post cards) The "new guys" obviously offered that impression, while your company did not. We're sorry.

If this customer (like most) is saavy enough to shop you around, you need to get on the phone with them more often and send reminder notices with coupons well in advance of the "other guys", and be genuinely excited about it so they actually hear the "smile" in your voice (again?), complimenting them on their wise decision to choose your company again.

We trust things will get better.
Best Regards
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