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Originally Posted by topsites
I wish you the best of luck, after reading your last post I think you are on the right track and hopefully everything works out.
Yeah, I feel I have bent over backwards here, met and exceeded their expectations, accomodated their short time frames and delivered, played the positive and helpful business man... basically done everything but let them walk all over me and tell me what to charge.

I hope it does work out for the best. But I have already been surprised a couple of times this season, which is out of the ordinary, so I don't know just how much unexpected luck I have left... LOL...

Personally, I've thought about this quite a bit already, and my concern is that I'm not sure how I can open conversation about this, without opening a pandoras box. At this point it's looking like a very volitle situation on MY END of things.

Just from a business perspective alone, looking at the history, if they want this level of service from me and this level of attention from me along with these types of reaction times.... well then I not only expect compensation, but I also expect a similar focus from them in return, meaning I certainly do NOT expect to get passed over on the best jobs.

So once this subject is brought to the table, it's going to put me in a position where either we reach some sort of understanding, or I walk... and I have to first evaluate rather I'm for going that far over this.

Basically, I foresee backing my own self in a corner here.

"If you place a low value upon yourself, rest assured..... the world will not raise your price."

"The bitterness of poor quality lingers on long after the sweetness of cheap price is forgotten"
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