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Originally Posted by LarryF
Wow! Talk about taking a CYA position!!!!!!! I don't know who Terry at Exmark is, but I certainly can't have any respect for his technical expertise after reading the above ridiculous comments.

I'm not suggesting that a ZTR can tow 25 tons, but this idea that the maximum towing capacity is something like 80 pounds is absurd.
Terry was the point man for Exmark for many years. He wasn't afraid to walk down the hall and ask another engineer if he didn't know the answer to a question. He's not making the 80 pound rating up, that is Exmark's official rating.

He didn't say the capacity was 80 pounds, he said the maximum draw is 80 pounds. That means you could pull a 25 ton load with the mower as long as you only needed to use an 80 pound force to move it.

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