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Take pictures of their inferior work, tell the customer you watched them do it and what they did wrong, and how it won't look like the work you did next year when it settles ect.. Also obviously, take pictures of your renovation work that you did on site to them, and compare. If they really care about the property, they'll think about what they have done. You should then be able to get the reaason why they called the other guys when you gave such good service in the past. If the results of the other guys' work are that bad, I'm sure you saw them skimp on materials or poor plantings, something that caught your eye. Did they guarantee plant material like you do??? Ect. Ect. Lot of people don't stop and think about that, only price. Are they going to come right back out like I did, or take care of the little jobs for you within 24 hours, like I did??? Pictures are worth a thousand words. Could of been some higher up made the decision instead of the person you usually work witjh. I've been there brother. Some customers you keep, some you end up getting rid of and replacing with FULL SERVICE clients, that way your time is more valuable. You will get to the point of relaTIONSHIP WITH A FULL SERVICE CLIENT WHEN THEY DON'T EVEN ASK PRICE, JUST DO IT, GET IT DONE, AND BILL ME. jUST BILL THEM FAIRLY, AND YOU'LL KEEP THE JOB. OOps, sorry for all the capitals, I must have hit the caps lock button. I'm not yelling at you!!! Only the part about FULL SERVICE CLIENT!
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